New BCast Stainless Products 30 BBL Fermenter

Listed: 10/11/2022

Price: $15,750

BCast Stainless Products 30 BBL Fermenter – 930 Gallon Working Volume SS304 construction, Dome top & 70 degree cone bottom, Dimple plate jacketed body & cone for glycol cooling; provided with non-code stamped heat transfer jacket for use up to 14.9 PSI – tested at 70 PSI, Rated for 14.9 PSI internal pressure operation – tested at 36.9 PSI, Polyurethane insulated, Inward & outward opening oval side manway, CIP sprayball w/downpipe, Thermowell, Sample valve port, Pressure release/vacuum valve port, Racking arm w/butterfly valve, Bottom outlet w/butterfly valve, Four adjustable SS pipe legs w/pad feet, 6″ dry-hopping port with hooked cap, Blow-off port w/downpipe, 63″ dia x 147″ oah.

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