New 30 BBL Mash / Lauter Tun

Price: $31,117

BCast Stainless 30 BBL Mash/Lauter Tun, 930-gallon working volume, SS304 construction,  dimple plate jacketed for steam heating, provided with non-code stamped heat transfer jacket for use up to 14.9 PSI – tested at 70 PSI, atmospheric internal pressure operation; Rockwool insulated body & bottom, dome top & shallow cone bottom, V-wire false bottom, full rake agitation w/plough for grain out, motor & drive for agitation, round top manway w/sight glass, rectangular side manway w/ grain chute attached, grain inlet w/grist hydrator, recirculation inlet, sparge piping w/sparge spray ring, double CIP sprayball, lift lugs, light glass, recirculation/Vorlauf piping, cone bottom to main outlet w/ butterfly valve, inline mounted runoff sight glass, sight gauge w/SS guard, volume strip & sample valve, all Viton seals, thermowell, four adjustable SS pipe legs w/pad feet.

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