Stout Tanks – 3.5 bbl Brewhouse Fermenters and Brite for Sale

Listed: 12/04/2023

Price: $25,000

Willing to sell entire bundle or individual tanks. Must go so make an offer!

(1) 3BBL Boil Kettle (145 Gallons) (1) 3BBL Mash Tun (120 Gallons) (2) 3BBL Jacketed Fermenters (119 Gallons) (1) 3BBL Jacketed Brite Tank (100 Gallons) (1) PlatePro Sanitary Wort Chiller (41 removable plates) (1) 5 Gallon Hop Back with false bottom and sanitary connections (1) Vorlauf Pipe for Mash Tun (1) Sparge Arm for Mash Tun (1) 7 Tap Through-wall Stainless Drip Tray


Located in Philadelphia, PA.

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