Price: $2,350

1000 Liter Aseptic Stainless Cubic Containers For Sale!


Austrian designed, engineered, and crafted with industry leading quality, and the detail that you expect when purchasing European manufactured equipment.


These rigid, stainless steel containers are used to transport, store, blend and mix liquid chemicals and/or food products. Our design passed all necessary requirements to receive a Food Grade – UN31A/Y Approval! This approval allows to the storage and transport of Food Products, as well as Class II & Class III hazardous goods!


Here is the current set up as they stand now:

-2″ ball valve discharge at the base

-15.75″ (40mm) manway lid on top (closes with six, hand tightened wingnuts)

-2” Tri-Sure nozzle connection on lid

-2” Tri-Sure nozzle valve on top

-0.28 bar pressure release valve (releases natural pressure)

-Forklift or pallet jack handling from all four sides

-Stackable 3 high empty, 2 high full


Having a UN approval is the only way to ensure that the contents of your tank is going to be safe and secure under nearly all circumstances.


To receive a UN31A/Y rating, our tanks went through vigorous testing, including being vibrated for long periods of time, being at 0.3bars of pressure for 10 minutes to check weld strength, being rammed with a forklift, being dropped with a full load from 5 feet high, and being strength tested by having large amounts of weight (2,999kg) stacked on top.


Individual containers starting at $2,350!

These tanks are 45.5” x 45.5” x 45.7” and weigh roughly 325 lbs.


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