Price: $2,200

These Austrian made, 1000-liter cubic tanks are incredibly efficient and extremely versatile!


These rigid, stainless steel containers passed all necessary requirements to receive a Food Grade – 31A/Y Approval from the United Nations! This approval allows for the storage and transport of Food Products, as well as Class II & Class III hazardous/flammable liquids! This certification illustrates and speaks to the quality of these tanks!


These tanks come with the following design/fittings:

–2″ ball valve discharge at the base

–16″ manway lid on top (closes with six, hand tightened wingnuts)

–2” Tri-Sure nozzle connection on lid

–2” Tri-Sure nozzle valve on top

–Pressure release valve (releases natural pressure up to 4psi)

–Forklift or pallet jack channels for easy handling from all four sides

–Stackable 3 high empty, 2 high full


This design underwent rigorous testing to ensure that these tanks are reliable and more durable than other products on the market. If you need a tank that is efficient and secure, you can’t go wrong with these!


Each MeterCube tank is 46” x 46” x 46” and weigh roughly 325 lbs.


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