10 BBL Complete Steam Brewing System

Listed: 10/24/2022

Price: $50,000

This is a complete 10 bbl brewing system. Designed and built by Bohemian Brew Company. The system has a lot of life left in it and would be a perfect fit for a brew pub or for a small brewery to expand.  

a keg racker, grain mill, and miscellaneous hoses and parts are included in this deal.  

Included in the price is us loading the entire system onto your desired transport. Willing to consider transporting it for you as well. Please do not hesitate to contact with any questions. Able to offer more photographs, videos, and information at any time.  

10 BBL Combination Mash Tun/HLT/Lauter Tun

10 BBL Combination Boil Kettle 20 BBL Double Walled Unitanks (1)

10 BBL Double Walled Unitanks (4)

10 BBL Single Walled Brite Tanks (4)

10 BBL Horizontal Lagering Tanks (4)

Heat Exchanger

Grist Hydrator

Control Panel Temperature Display Panel

Piping and Accessories

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