Complete 20 HL Brewhouse

Price: $750,000

Complete 20 HL Brewhouse For more information, please contact Ken Medicino at [email protected] or visit our website.   EQUIPMENT DETAILS 1) 20hL Mash Mixer/ Lauter Tun Combination Vessel – Top Mounted Agitator – Side wall and Bottom Dimple Jackets – Grist Hydrator – Kettle Vapour Condenser 2) 20hL Kettle/Whirlpool Vessel – Bottom and Side Wall Dimple Jackets – Vapour Condense 3) 40hL Hot Water Tank – Designed to reduce footprint, per layout 4) Rocket Wort Boiler – Speeds Boiling Process – Dual use to cool wort during transfer to whirlpool 5) Piping & Mechanical – Modular, future proof Platform – Sanitary transfer lines, water lines, and process lines for optimum production 6) Valves, Instrumentation & Pumps – Pneumatic Butterfly Valves – Steam Valves and Control Valves – Temperature Measurement – Quality Sanitary Centrifugal Pumps – Flow Meters 7) Brewhouse Panel – Exact Temperature Control for Each Vessel – High Quality VFD Control for each pump and motor – Remote Access for Service Calls – Expansion Card for Cellar control integration 8) Automation Add-on to Brewhouse Panel – Recipe driven control scheme – Remote Access and data history via cloud services – Turbidity control of vorlauf process Control 9) Cellar Vessels: – 20hL Fermenter (10) – 20hL Brite Tank (2) – Includes Temperature Control 10) Portable Pump Carts (2) – Locally Mounted Wash Down VFD – Alfa Laval Centrifugal Pump 11) Utilities a) Steam Heating – Stainless Steel Steam Header – Steam Connections from main header – Boiler interface and monitoring b) Glycol Cooling – Pre-Insulated Glycol Header in Stainless Steel (3″) – Glycol Control Valves (1″) – Fermenter Temperature Control c) Water Handling – Incoming Water Quality Reporting – pH Neutralization Skid & Control 12) Grain Handling – Pneumatic Knife Gate Valve – RAD 200 Two Roller Mill – Flex Auger Grain Conveyance * Crushing Room Ventilation not Included 13) Fulton SRT30 Spiral Rib Tubeless Boiler – Trimmed to 15 psig – Blowoff Separator – Feed Water Tank – Water Softener and Chemical Feed System 14) Pro Chiller Dual 15HP Vscroll – Dual Circuit to accommodate cellar and cold room – Indoor Glycol Reservoir – Chiller Control Package 15) DV 7.5HP Rotary Screw Compressor – B-Series Rotary Screw Air Compressor – DF Series Filter – Condensate Filtering System – 27 SCFM Capacity

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