Home brew or brewery test batch equipment for sale

Price: $1,900

Beer set up


Home brew equipment or test batch equipment for brewery.

Spike brewing CF 10 stainless steel conical unitank with temperature control coil, heater, cooler box, tubing, and controller.

Spike brewing 15 gallon brew pot.

Mash tun 10 gallon igloo

Blickman beer gun

Inkbird temp controller for kegerator conversion of deep freezer

5lb CO2 tank with regulator and distributor for 2 kegs and 1 bottle gun connection

CPSS-IN-1 chugger pump

2- 5 gallon ball lock kegs

50’ stainless wort chiller

Blickman beer gun

PH tester

Brew tapper dual scale refractometer

2-24 bottle fast racks and tray

Bench capper

Lever capper

Lots of extras, caps, fermenter seals,

Buckets, 4 cases of bottles, spoons, etc.


I won second place in the yeasty category at the 2019 Mashed IN with this set up.

You can definitely elevate you brewing with this equipment.


$1900 for everything

Would like to sell in the metro area so I don’t have to ship, but willing to check shipping cost.

Contact me at [email protected] if interested

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