All Grain Brewing and Wine Making Equipment and Supplies

Listed: 07/10/2023

Price: $1,900

I have lightly used and well maintained beer brewing and wine making equipment for sale in Ventura County California; $6,000 original purchase price all for $1,900 or best offer:

Beer Making Equipment

SS Brewtech 7 Gallon Unitank Fermentation System

SS Brewtech Unitank 7 Gallon FTSs Temp Controller plus Insulated Jacket

Grainfather 6 Gallon All Grain Electric Brewing System

Upgraded Grainfather Control Box

Grainfather Counterflow Wort Chiller

Two Tap Kegerator

3 Corny Kegs

3 CO2 Tanks plus Extra Gauges and Tubing

8 Gallon Mega Pot 1.2 Brewing Kettle

Hops Filters for Brewing

Brewing Hydrometers

Many Extras; Carboys, bottling equipment, buckets, spoons and brushes, brewing spices and chemicals, plumbing pieces and connectors, extra tubing, sanitizers and cleaners, brushes, etc.

Wine Making Equipment:

Fast Ferment Conical Fermenter

Fast Ferment Insulated Jackets for Conical Fermenter

Wine Brewing Bucket

Wine Brewing Supplies and Chemicals

Distilling Equipment

Grainfather Distillation Hood and Condenser

10 liter Oak Barrel with Stand

One Gallon Copper Still


Thank you!

Rick 678-575-0582

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