15 BBL Brewhouse

Listed: 09/09/2022

Price: $275,000

We are selling our oversized 15 Bbl Brewhouse. It is a combi Mash- lauter tun with a 19 Bbl HLT underneath and a Kettle- Whirlpool. The kettle will boil 23 BBL so it is possible to get 20 Bbl batches out of it with a 1600Lb grain bill. It has a custom HMI touch screen control to control the Pneumatic valves and Temperature controls. You can remotely monitor and control it from your phone or any device. 1 Wort pump and 1 HLT Pump are controlled by their own VFD drives. RAD 2 roller mill and auger with a 500Lb grist case. Steam fired with a Smith Boiler. Available Immediately. FOB

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