1bbl Electric Brew House $5500 OBO

Price: $5,500

This is an all electric 1bbl brew house. For details on how the control panel and brew days operate go to theelectricbrewery.com for full details. This panel is modified to allows double batching which requires 80amps of supply( 1, 50amp and 1, 30amp). The kettles are from stout tanks and kettles, you can see their products at https://offerup.com/redirect/?o=aHR0cHM6Ly9jb25pY2FsLWZlcm1lbnRlci5jb20=. They include a 45 gallon, tangential inlet boil kettle with hop basket. 40 gallon mash tun with false bottom and sparge arm. And a 57 gallon hot liquor with herms coil. The system utilizes a 2 pump herms system for pin point mash temps utilizing RTD thermometers and PID controllers. We have consistently achieved 90% efficiency on this system. Wort chiller is 2 30plate chillers ran in line for 60 plates total. With tap water you can chill 30gallons in 10 minutes to fermentation temp. Both the Boil kettle and Mash tun are on tip out stands for easy cleaning and maintenance. The custom made rolling brew station offers a catwalk for easy of mash in and monitoring the brew along with a utility sink for sanitation and storage. This also includes all triclamp fittings and a verity of other odds and ends for brew day if wanted. System originally cost $12,000

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