brewing and restaurant equipment

Listed: 09/22/2022

Price: $350,000

15 BBL brewhouse, inclusive of: mash tun (MT), Boil Kettle (BK), BK Burner, Hot Liquor Tank (HLT), HLT burner, Whirlpool, Heat exchanger, brew deck (BD), BD controls, BD diverter panels, BD Transfer Pumps 15 BBL fermenter 15 BBL fermenter 30 BBL bright tank Chiller and glycol control cabinet Grist case and auger system from mill 30 BBL bright tank 15 BBL Bright tech 30 BBL fermentation tanks 15 BBL fermentation tank 15 BBL fermentation tanks 15 BBL fermentation take 15 BBL fermentation take 12 ounce Meheen bottle filler 22 ounce Meheen bottle filler In-line labeler Mario Acunto Doppio Woodfire pizza ovens (two) Commercial spiral dough mixer Four burner range and griddle Gas fryer Gas convection oven Hand sink Pizza preparation refrigerator Sandwich/salad preparation refrigerator Backbar cooler Refrigerated worktop Worktop freezer Three compartment sink Microwave oven Safety system movable gas connector

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