iTap For Crown Cap Bottles

Price: $118

A revolutionary device for drinks dispensing into glass bottles.


The counter pressure bottling method eliminates any contact between the beer and oxygen. As a result, your brew stays fresh and carbonated.
Easy & clean bottling: install the bottle, fill it, remove the bottle. No mess, no foam, no fuss.
Fast filling: you can fill and cap (the capping devices are not included) 50-60 bottles in 1 hour.
The quality/price ratio is impressive: you get a durable device with a 5-year warranty. It fits for both commercial breweries and homebrewers as well.
Minimal drainage losses (only 1%), no foaming.
Quick installation: even if you see an iTap for the first time, you can install it on your own in under 10 minutes. Easy use: CO2 filling with a button, fast filling.
No cartridges or disposable parts.
The drinks bottled with iTap stays fresh and remains its initial flavor up to 90-120 days.
You can bottle any foamy drinks, including beer, cider, soda, etc.

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