Beer/Kombucha Brewing System (High End – Turn Key)

Price: $16,500

Complete 200L brewing system (all-in-one style, 1bbl) for sale. Boiling, chilling, and fermenting occurs right in the revolutionary 3-in-1 self sanitizing and jacketed fermenter (2 fermenters are included). This makes brewing simpler, more enjoyable, and easier to do while still providing full control and a quality consistent product. Web enabled pasteurizing computer and electronic temperature controls. Full supply of hoses and tri-clamps. No storage of grains (therefore, no pests) and no mashing in, lautering or sparging necessary. Bottling, capping, pasteurizing and labelling all included. 300 bottles to get you started, with ingenious rolling bottle racks. As well, the hoist and all equipment fits in one bay of a 3 car garage. You can be crashing, bottling and pasteurizing while the next batch is fermenting. Self sanitizing since you boil in the fermenter so no harsh chemicals needed. A supply of malt, honey, and hops and bottles included (includes the chest freezer to store the hops properly). Pick up some fresh yeast and you can be brewing as soon as you receive the system. 19,000 US dollars.

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