Distilling Equipment

Listed: 07/27/2023

Price: $100,000

2x 500L Vodka still Components (6*5.5kw heaters 208v 3ph,
6 heating ports take the circumference and divide by 6,
the heating ports should go all the way around the still)
500 Liter double walls boiler, with 2-inch butterfly
valve/thermometer/manway/2-inch CIP ball/4*5.5kw
8”- 8 section stainless steel tees with copper bubble
plates/water lines/thermometer
8” ss Dephlegmator.
6-inch 1000mm long ss Shotgun condenser
1.5-inch ss Parrot.
Reducer / flange kettle to column.
2-inch ss pipe working
1 inch Take off valves are used to drain the liquid in each

1x 0.75kw Agitator (208v 3phase)

1x 1000L mash tun, electric heating. with controller (8*5.5kw
heaters 208v 3phase)

208v 3ph controller to be able to control 4 heaters per still

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