INVENTORY SALES: BRAND NEW 3.5BBL 2Vessel Brewhouse( $16,200 )

Listed: 10/23/2023

Price: $16,200

Inventory–3.5bbl Brewhouse Power: 3phase, 208-240v, 60hz Heating ways: Steam Vessels: Ski-mounted, 2Vessel Mash Lauter Tun: Grain out door, top glass manway, CIP Spray balls(top) and spray nozzles(under false bottom) Kettle Whirlpool: top glass manway, steam condensor, whirlpool inlet, CIP spray ball Included: Glass wort grant, Mash hydration assembly, LED light assemblies, Control Panel, Sanitary pumps with VFD control, Stainless steel working platform with sanitary piping and valves, single-stage heat exchanger, and more. BRAND NEW Unitank & Brewhouse Inventory Price 3.5bbl Steam brewhouse(BRAND NEW) –$16200 5bbl Unitank (BRAND NEW) $3500 —-2 left 10bbl Unitank (BRAND NEW) $4100 —-6 left

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