Keg Fillers

Price: $2,450

1. All procedures are thoroughly controlled by SIEMENS programmable controller. All parameters (time values) can be adjusted without stopping the machine.

2.  Pressure maintaining system performance is stable and reliable, to make sure the lowest beer loss compared to other similar products.

3.  Could fill the kegs with different volume directly, and do not need to adjust any parameter

4. Equipment with CIP circumfluence pipe, very easy operation.

Equipment Outer Dimensions: 600*850*1550mm
Net Weight: 85KG
Power: 30W
Production Capacity: 30-40 kegs/HR
Filling Method: Keg Topside Up
Applicable Kegs: Keg with Diameter 250-500mm, Height 360-600mm
Power Supply Voltage: AC 220V 50HZ(customized per customer specs)

* Single Head Keg Filler $2,450

*Dual Head Keg Filler $4,850

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