New 7x15bbl jacketed beer fermenters/beer unitanks+5x15bbl jacketed brite tanks in stock!

Listed: 01/03/2023

Price: $6,400

New 7x15BBL jacketed beer fermenters and 5x15bbl brite tank in stock, can be arrange shipping immediately!
•25% top space to avoid beer foam out for beer fermenters and 20% top space for brite tanks;
• Accommodate to brew 1/2 batches
• 2” pressure vacuum relief valve
• Kieselmann adjustable pressure relief valve
• 1.5” sample valve
• Pressure gauge
• CIP – rotary spray ball
• 1.5”CO2 blow off tube
• Rotating racking assembly
• 60 degree cone
• Multiple glycol zones
• Fully welded cladding
• Adjustable tank leveling pads
• Carb Stone 1.5” TC assembly
• RTD Probe
• 4″ Hops port for beer fermenters
• 1.5″ Butterfly valves
• Tension braces on legs
• Good quality, reasonable price and excellent quality
Please contact us for price and details!

NFE Machinery Co., Ltd.
Email:[email protected]
Tel: +86-531-88765318
Fax: +86-531-88765328

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