Double Heads Keg Washer

Listed: 06/08/2023

Price: $8,800

2heads keg washer:

1). 3 tanks( hot water tank, caustic tank and sterilize tank, caustic tank and hot water to have electric heating), 3 pumps(1 pump for each tank),

2). Siemens controller with touch screen program,

3.D or A or S -type spear fitting,

4).Dimension: length 1830mm×width 1200mm×height1670mm,

5).Electric heating or steam heating,

6).CE/UL listed.

Standard cleaning process:

Lock down→ air purge/drain off → hot water 1 washing→ air purge/drain off → caustic washing → air purge/to caustic tank → hot water 2 washing → air purge/drain off →acid washing → CO2 purge/to acid tank→hot water washing 3 (it can be set to 0 second if you don’t need this step,but it’s better to show on the procedure) →CO2 purge/drain off→CO2 fill.

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