20bbl turnkey beer brewing system with FVs &BBTs

Listed: 05/30/2023

Price: $169,000

20BBL brewing system specification equipment list is as follows:

20bbl 2vessels or 3vessels or 4vessels brewing system:

Mash tank – grist hydrator, agitator, frequency drive, bottom and side with steam jacket

Lauter tun – false bottom, rake system, sparging, rake speed adjustable

Brew kettle- steam jacket and calandria

Whirlpool tun-tangent inlet

Pumps with ABB motor

Stainless steel 304 working platform

Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates

20bbl/40bbl/60bbl Fermentation tanks/Brite beer tanks

40bbl HLT and CLT

Glycol cooling system(glycol chiller, glycol tank)

CIP unit system

Grain mill system(grain miller, flex auger, grist case)

PLC Siemens control system, UL Rated controls and electric components

Keg washer/filler

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Complete engineering support and onsite installation!

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