20bbl turnkey beer brewing system with FVs &BBTs

Listed: 09/25/2023

Price: $159,000

20BBL brewing system specification equipment list is as follows:

20bbl 2vessels or 3vessels or 4vessels brewing system:

Mash tank – grist hydrator, agitator, frequency drive, bottom and side with steam jacket

Lauter tun – false bottom, rake system, sparging, rake speed adjustable

Brew kettle- steam jacket and calandria

Whirlpool tun-tangent inlet

Pumps with ABB motor

Stainless steel 304 working platform

A sink and sample station installed on the brewing platform

Plate heat exchanger – 304 or 316 plates

20bbl/40bbl/60bbl Fermentation tanks/Brite beer tanks

40bbl HLT and CLT

Glycol cooling system(glycol chiller, glycol tank)

CIP system

Grain mill system(grain miller, flex auger, grist case)

PLC Siemens control system, UL/CE  Rated controls and electric components

Keg washer/filler

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