Switchback AI-2H Brewpack Jr Cartoner for Cans

Listed: 07/17/2023

Price: $130,000

Switchback AI-2H Brewpack Jr Cartoner for Cans
Item Type: Cartoner
Manufacturer: Switchback Mpac Group
Model: AI-2H Cartoner
Serial: 1442
Year: 2017
Last Use: Beer and Carbonated Beverages
Dimensions: 15 x 8 x 8
Condition: Good

In great condition. Currently upgrading our cartoner to a faster speed. We have run this primarily for 6-pack and 12-pack standard cans (for hard cider). We just took this off our line as the new model is shipping in next week.
This is in solid shape and has run reliably for us for many years. It is ready to plug into your line and run.”

Allen Bradley Control Logix PLC with Allen Bradley 525 VFD Drives

This cartoner is capable of producing 4-6-9-12-15-24 packs in single or variety formats. The machine will cycle between and 10-15 cartons per minute depending on format.

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