3BBL electric brew system – hot water, mash, kettle, pump, heat exchange and hoses

Listed: 01/06/2024

Price: $10,900

🍻 Brewing Excellence Awaits: Millyard Brewery’s Blichmann 3 Barrel Electric Brew System for Sale! 🍺 Embark on a journey of superior brewing with our meticulously maintained Blichmann 3 Barrel Electric Brew System. This comprehensive package includes a Hot Water Tank with HERMS Coil, Mash Tun with False Bottom, Boil Kettle, and an Advanced Control System – everything you need to elevate your brewing game. 🌟 Key Features: Three-Barrel Capacity: Meet the demands of craft enthusiasts and expand your brewing capacity effortlessly. The Blichmann system allows you to scale up without compromising on quality. Hot Water Tank with HERMS Coil: Harness the power of precision with the HERMS coil in the hot water tank. Achieve consistent mashing temperatures, unlocking a world of flavor possibilities for your brews. Mash Tun with False Bottom: Crafted for clarity and efficiency, the false bottom in the mash tun ensures a clean wort. Boil Kettle: The heart of the brewing process, the boil kettle ensures a controlled and vigorous boil. Craft your signature brews with confidence, knowing that every detail has been considered. Advanced Control System: Take control of your brewing destiny with the user-friendly advanced control system. The attention to detail extends to the digital interface, providing precise control over every aspect of your brew. Electric Efficiency: Embrace a clean, efficient, and controllable brewing process with this electric system. Bid farewell to the complexities of traditional gas setups and welcome a new era of brewing simplicity. Trusted Craftsmanship: Crafted from premium stainless steel, each component reflects the quality and reliability that Blichmann is known for. 🌐 Why Choose a Blichmann System? 🌐 Proven Performance: Millyard Brewery has created exceptional brews using this Blichmann system, a testament to its reliability and performance. Ready-to-Brew Package: This complete brewing system is ready for action, offering a turnkey solution for fellow brewers looking to elevate their craft. Don’t miss the opportunity to own a brewing system from Blichmann. Act now to secure this well-maintained Blichmann setup. 📞 Contact me today to inquire about purchasing this outstanding Blichmann 3 Barrel Electric Brew System. Cheers to your next brewing masterpiece! 🍻 Includes transfer pump, heat exchanger,  hoses, clamps and gaskets. price negotiable  

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