30bbl 60bbl 90bbl FV BRITE HLT CLT For Sale!

Listed: 05/22/2023

Price: $1

Hey there!

My name is Blake Spencer and I’m the GM and Assistant Brewer at Vermont Beer Makers. We are a 20bbl craft brewery located in the heart of Springfield, VT, and we have some brand new equipment for sale that we are very unfortunate to be unable to use.

We purchased this equipment from Craft Kettle in New Orleans, Louisiana in order to build out a state-of-the-art brewery in Brattleboro, Vermont. Sadly, COVID caused us to ax our project and we are unable to proceed as we intended. However, this leaves you in a unique opportunity to pay less than the manufacturer MSRP for quality brewing equipment!

Everything we have was shipped to us directly, has never been installed, and is in brand new condition. Specs on equipment can be found by entering the SKUs provided below in the search bar on their website (craftkettle.com). All of the tanks are built to the company’s standard size and cut sheets are available under the downloads option.

3x 30bbl Unitank SKU : FV-JI-BBL-030-STD
6x 90bbl Unitank SKU : FV-JI-BBL-090-STD
1x 30bbl Brite SKU : BT-JI-BBL-030-STD
1x 60bbl Cold Liquor Tank SKU: CLT-JI-BBL-060-STD
1x 90bbl Hot Liquor Tank SKU: HLT-S-BBL-090-STD

I’m available anytime through email at [email protected] and at 828-782-1815 with pricing and any questions you have. We are willing to sell individually or as a bundle (for a bulk deal). I can also take more pictures and/or do a walk-through over video chat at the rigging yard where everything’s being stored.

Cheers and thanks for looking!

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