Electric 10 gallon HERMS brewing system

Price: $2,999

Electric 3-Vessel HERMS brewing system with 240V/30A Control Panel.  The panel was originally purchased from the TheElectricBrewery.com.  Check out the link for a full description and listing of all the awesome features.

The kettles are 20 gallon Stainless Steel Bayou Classic.  The 2 pumps are Chugger with stainless heads.  The plate chiller is Duda Diesel.  The silicone hoses have female QD’s and the kettles/pumps/chiller have male QD’s.  The HL tank and boil kettle have 5500W heating elements.

The build is directly based on the build instructions provided by TheElectricBrewery.com.

Nashville area.  Sorry, pick-up only.

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