Used plastic 1bbl and 2bbl fermenters in NJ

Price: $150

I have (3) 1bbl plastic fermenters with poly stand and (3) 2bbl plastic fermenters.

They are fitted with stainless steel bungs that were about 30 bucks each, and they come with 2 manway gaskets each for a nice tight seal. they were about 30 bucks each. They are fitted with temp probe ports and racking arm ports, so there is easily 100 dollars in hardware on them.

The 2bbl tanks with metal stand and casters. looking for 150 each on the 1bbl and 200 on the 2bbl. If nothing pops up to get them to a new home they will be dismantled, parts reclaimed and dumpsterized. Sold individually or as a lot at a discount. Great for a home brewer to single and double batch or a start up.

They are clean, production ready, well kept and taken care of and produce good beer religiously without an issue.

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