Specific Mechanical 10 BBL Steam Brewhouse & CLT

Price: $100,000

We are liquidating our entire brewery. Up for sale is our 10 bbl Specific Mechanical Combi Brewhouse. This brewhouse is steam heated and setup with the lauter tun on top of the hot liquor tank and the kettle with mixing paddles for step mashing. The kettle is outfitted with a condensing stack for those not able to vent outside like us. This can be removed and a traditional vapor stack can be added if you wish to vent to the outside. Additionally, the brewhouse is outfitted with a hopback that can hold 12 pounds of leaf hops. Also included is our 15bbl cold liquor tank. This helped us to cast wort out at lager pitch temps easily. System requires 208v 3 phase and is in proper working order. Included: -Lauter Tun with V-wire false bottom, grant, and 1.5” insulation -15bbl Hot Liquor Tun with single steam jacket and pump -Mash Kettle with mixing paddles wired to VFD, kettle light, 3 steam zones, vapor stack condensor, grist hydrator, 15bbl max volume -Brewery Diverter Panel with 2 pumps; 1 for lauter tun and 1 for the kettle. Kettle pump is 2hp and capable of pumping mash. Lauter, HLT, CLT, and Kettle pumps are controlled from this panel. -Single Stage Heat Exchanger made by Thermaline. Includes wort oxygenation setup. -Hop Back capable of holding 12 pounds of hops. Hard piping includes bypass. V Wire false bottom. -15 bbl Cold Liquor Tank with 2 glycol jackets includes 1.5hp pump -Brewery platform

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