Brewery Equipment: Fermenters, Transfer Tank, Big Joe Lift

Price: $100

Brewery Equipment – BID NOW! – Auction Starts Closing at 6 PM Monday, March 22nd, 2021.Northeast Barrel Company Cognac Barrel/Fermenter, 10HL Ex Cognac Tronconical Tank; Imported from France; fully refurbished; Includes SS Tasting Port, Fully Draining Valve (50mm), Detachable racking valve (50mm); SS Top Manway w/ Triclam (500 mm).
Original Amount $6500

Hoover Wort Transfer Tank, 550 Gallon sanitary storage tank with 1.5″ sample valve with guard.
Purchased Used Original Amount $2600

Sonoma Cast Stone Concrete Fermenter, Amphora Shaped Concrete Fermentation and Aging tank (10 bbl).
Original Amount $13,833. Purchased New in 2019

Big Joe Lift, Model M-22-116, 2200 Lb. Lift Capacity.
Custom Made to Fit Dimensions of the Wort Transfer Tank

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