BREWERY CLOSURE – 7bbl Craftwerks with 7bbl ferms, brites, canning line, chiller more!

Listed: 04/03/2024

Price: $1,234

We have a brewery closure offering that we are piece-mealing… the brewery is currently located in Northville, Michigan (recently closed). They have SUPER NICE equipment and we are in charge of the liquidation. There is a firm date of the decommissioning/loading to trucks. April 14th and April 15th are the target dates. If you are bringing a truck and trailer, you can pickup on April 14th.. if you need us to will be April 15th. We will NOT CHARGE exorbitant rigging fees– we just need you to help us cover the cost of forklifts and any special palletizing/crating you might need.


-Craftwerks 7bbl Brewhouse (boil kettle & mash), 10bbl Hot Liquor Tank, Heat Exchanger, Pipework, Pumps, Stand, Controls. $46,900

-Rite 48s 10hp boiler with condensate tank, pumps, water treatment! $14,900

-Craftwerks 7bbl Unitanks (4 total available!!!): $5390 each!

-Craftwerks 7bbl Stacked Bright Tanks (8 total brites – 4 stacks of 2): $9900 each stack of 2-tanks!

-1.5hp Transfer/Cart pump: $1690

-4-HEAD Fillmore Canning Machine: $23,900

-Fillmore Automatic Keg Washer: $7900

-Air 5000 -5 ton glycol chiller: $7900

There are many more items/testing equipment/control panels etc.. the above are the main items we are focusing on NOW. Shoot me a PM if interested!

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