5BBL GW Kent Brewhouse

Listed: 01/06/2024

Price: $23,000

Hello! We are listing our 5bbl GW Kent 3 vessel system, wort chiller, new Thompson pump, hoses, – everything you need to make beer. Also have kegs, pins, ferkins, bourbon and wine barrels listed separately.   Used for approximately 6 months prior to moving to a  new location and was not able to set up the rig at the new location.  We’ve had a change of plans so we’re selling the rig.  Located in Southern Michigan.

3 Vessel 5BBL GW Kent Brewing System.  This is a very basic system, but gets the job done.

Freestanding hot liquor tank, mash tun, and kettle (no hard plumbing)
Direct fire kettle with burner
Heat exchanger and fittings
Thompson pump on cart (brand new never used – already had a pump)
Hot liquor tank with electric immersion element (New element, never used)
Hoses, clamps, hop back, dial thermometers, valves and other associated fittings
2 water level sensors (never installed)
Price for everything above $23,000

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