Complete Can line Alpha Brew Beverage Cannon 100 (NEW)

Listed: 04/02/2023

Price: $185,000

Alpha BC 100 full line. Only ran once for a test run. Lots of cool features like can weighing post fill and reject station… Tank manager to keep your bright tank pressure consistent throughout the run… and a packoff table.

Located in Marshall, MI and can be prepared for shipping. A shipping quote can be provided as well. Feel free to send any questions. Any reasonable offers considered.  



Two rinse cages 8.4 oz slim and 12 oz slim

Alpha BC 100 set up for slim cans

Spare parts Kit

Brite Boss tank management

Pack off table  

Full list:

1-Automatic Can Depalletizer “Canhusker” Features: – Small footprint 75″ x 60″ x 132″ (140” clearance required) – Stainless steel body to prevent rust or paint chips – Automatic lift and sweep ¡V gently pushes cans off the pallet eliminating the need for transferring product by hand – Accepts 44 x 56-inch pallets (full-height or half-height) – HMI touch screen with PLC driven controls – Electronic photo-eye initiates lift/sweep cycle when layer is clear – Push-paddle assembly initiates sweep when space is available – Motors, controls, e-stop, and manual override included – Up to 100 cans per minute – Fully automated – 6″ wide Rexnord mat-top discharge conveyor (high level) – Automated pneumatic slip-sheet removal – Easy to operate control panel

2-Auto Depal Twist Rinse Cage 8.4oz SLIM Features: – 304 stainless steel frame construction – Thoughput up to 100 cans/minute – Stainless catch basin with triclamp drain hose attachment – Multiple rinse nozzles with easy aim adjustment.

3-Auto Depal Twist Rinse Cage 12oz SLIM Features: – 304 stainless steel frame construction – Thoughput up to 100 cans/minute – Stainless catch basin with triclamp drain hose attachment – Multiple rinse nozzles with easy aim adjustment.

4-Alpha BC II – 100 Cans/min Canning Line **SET UP FOR SLIM CAN** Utility requirements: – 24 Full Load Amps at 220v, 1 phase, 50/60 Hz – Compressed air consumption 10 scfm at 80 psi – CO2 consumption at 20psi – Water – 1 gallon/minute rinse consumption *** CANNING LINE FEATURES LISTED BELOW ***

-Ismatec Pump Package including: (1) Ismatec IP 12 Channel Digital Peristaltic Pump (1) Ismatec Tygon Tubing 3.17mm ID 2 Stop Tubing 12 Pack (150′) of 1/8″ ID Tygon B-44-4X Tubing (100) 1/8″ ID PP Straight Hosebarb Couplers Program Update CO2 purge tubes update

-Beer Cannon II 100 Servo-fill Features: – Up to 100 cans/min on 12oz cans – Fill design (2 lanes with 5 fill stations) for smallfootprint, less travel, reduced DO2 pick-up – Double barrel fill stations (two fill tubes ineach can = 20 total fill heads) – High end Rexnord conveyor with washdown motor – Servo controlled lift and dive for push button size change, precise, consistent, smooth motion and zero compressed air = money savings – Precise, immediate touch screen fill level control of individual fill stations, or all stations simultaneously – C02 Blanket tunnel with CO2 burst technology = low DO and CO2 savings – Dual lane design allows for expandability, reduces footprint, travel distance and DO pickup – Unique “Double Barrel” 316 SS fill tube design increases fill speed (two fill tubes per can), reduces footprint, can travel and DO pickup – CO2 purge in the fill head assembly with unique perforated stainless steel tube. Only canning line that allows you to continue to purge with CO2 while you fill for incredibly low DO – CO2 purge in the fill head gives added foam control for incredibly low DO – Star wheel gate system automatically spaces cans slightly upon exiting the filler for optimal lid pick performance – Easy, fast change from standard to sleek/slim can and back. The ultimate mobile canning line – Modular fill station design for easy expandability to Beverage Cannon 100 – 304 SS filler enclosure for safety and reduced oxygen in the filling environment

-Beer Cannon II High Capacity Lid Magazine Features: – “The Revolver” 4 chamber, high capacity lid feed magazine – System comes with two magazines for leisurely loading and simple empty magazine replacement – When active chambers empty, simply spin the magazine to the full chambers and pull the release tabs – When magazine is empty, simply lift to remove and replace with 2nd full magazine – Holds 4 full lid sleeves which reduces reloading significantly. Highest capacity in the industry! – Low level sensor alerts you on the LED stack light and horn when it is time to switch chambers or magazine -Beer Cannon II Lid Pick System Beer Cannon System Features: – CO2 nozzles blanket under lids during pick and drop – Clear covers with magnetic attachment for easy removal and access to lids – Precision machined slide channels for reliable, extremely low miss counts – Anti shingling bar to help prevent jams, misses, or double lids – Easy 4 bolt change from 12oz to 16oz cans. – Threaded rod with locking nuts for very fine height adjustment – Transparent polycarbonate pressure plate from lid pick all the way to seamer keeps lids pressed down. Hinged for easy access.

-Beer Cannon II Seamer with Patented In-line Weigh Scale Features: – Servo motor driven feed screw in-feed to seamer provides fast, smooth and precise can travel with push button positioning adjustment (no compressed air) – Delrin polymer “dead plate” for easy, smooth, quiet can travel and overall operation – Servo driven cam for seamer op 1 and op 2. Touch screan seam spec adjustments on the fly without stopping to 1/1000th of an inch! – Feed screw design eliminates unreliable conveyor “bumper cans” transitions and backups. Perfect transition to any downstream conveyor, table or other packing apparatus. – Patented micro load cell weighs every can for low fill (low fills can be seamed, or left unseamed). – Precision servo driven rocker cam for seamer operations 1 & 2 – Servo cam motor allows for push button adjustment of less than .001 (one thousandth) of an inch – Dual HD bearings design for long life and prevention of seams leaving spec

-Beer Cannon II Reject Station Features: – Automatic removal of low fill cans, or missing lid cans -Beer Cannon II Rinse Station Features: – Burst rinse station for can cleansing post seamer (no continuous water spray) – Can drier station uses timed bursts of compressed air (no continuous waste of air)


2 Gate Stop Air Cylinder

2 Filler Pinch Cylinder

1 Prox Sensor 12mm

1 Prox Sensor 18mm

1 Prox Switch Cable Straight

1 90 Degree Prox Switch Cable

2 Rinse Water/Air Valve

1 Air Valve Solenoid

2 Can Lift Down Sensor

2 Can Lift Cylinder Rebuild Kit

6 Fill Probe

4 Beer Tubing – 3/16″ID x 5/16″OD 1/8″ Wall- Tygon(50′ Per Box) (4) X 50′ – 100cpm Canning Line

5-Brite Boss II – monitors and maintains accurate tank pressure – sanitary tri-clamp pressure transmitter to clamp onto your tank – extremely useful to maintain tank pressure while pressure variables change throughout your canning, or bottling run. 6-Pack-off conveyor w/table Features: – 304 stainless steel frame – Rexnord 7.5″ wide conveyor belt with adjustable rails – Bison motor with speed controller – Ergonomic stainless steel table top for packing

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