Professional brewery equipment Brewing system – 2.6hl CBC Edition Brewhouse

Price: $99,995

Professional brewery equipment Brewing system – 2.6hl CBC Edition Brewhouse 1.0 BREWHOUSE 

• 100% TIG welding protected by shield gas to guarantee longevity. • ASME certified laser welded Pillow Plate (jacket) inside Mash/Kettle, turbulent flow pattern enables uniform heat transfer into the Mash & Kettle, allowing more energy dissipated thus more efficient energy transfer.

• PLC Auto Control System, with HMI visualized operation; Brewing recipe can be created and edited anytime via HMI.

• Solenoid Valves, automatic temperature, and time control during mashing and wort boiling.

• Frequency controlled Agitator/Raking Machine; speed and time can be set for each batch.

• Completely sanitary components and piping.

• Sight glass flow Indicator to check and control wort speed and quality during lautering. • Sanitary diaphragm valve positioned before & after the sanitary pump to control lautering process.

• Optimum design of static water mixture and flow meter to control temperature and the flow of sparging Water.

• Wort shield to disperse wort inner vessel during wort boiling; maximize the removal of DMS and improve the quality of the wort.

• Modular design of the Brew System; compact frame module Including platform; easy operation and space-saving.

• Complete pre-piping and Integrated central pump & plate heat exchange.

Scope of Supply: 

• Touch Screen Siemens Control Panel

• (x6) 2.6hl Total / 2hl Net Fermenters

• (x1) 3hl Glycol Tank

• (x1) Mash Tun/Wort Kettle

• (x1) Combination Lauter Tun and Whirlpool

• (x1) SS304 Casing

Dimensions of the brew system

W=7’4″, L=19’2″, H=7’10”

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