Ionized Air Rinser – side gripper – 300 cpm

Listed: 08/22/2022

Price: $55,000

McBrady Engineering (Joliet, IL) HS300 Gripper Ionized Air Rinser. Can clean 300-400 containers per minute. Purchased in 2019. We used it to ionized-air-rinse 12 oz glass bottles at 75bpm and cans at 40cpm. Can sizes were 12oz standard and sleek, 16oz standard, and 19.2oz standard. Changeover time between package sizes is less than 60 seconds as you only need to adjust the width of the gripper fingers and the height of the rinser rail. Has built in automated photo eye start/stop control. VFDs control conveyor speeds. Can be converted to liquid sanitizing with a few parts from McBrady. Purchase includes the dust collection system.

We had to use the same half-height depal and rinse for bottles and cans in our brewery. We are now switching to just cans and installing a new line with a full height automated depal and full height side grip lowerator with built in ionized air rinse, so time to sell this hot rod.  Originally paid $75k, asking $55k OBO.

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