24 Fill Head Beer Bottling Line

Price: $89,000

24 Fill Head Commercial Bottling Line

We have uploaded 5-6 videos onto YouTube and attached the one that is allowed on this ad. You can search for “Riley’s Brewing Bottling Line” on YouTube in order to view the additional videos on this bottling line…

Please feel free to give us a call to discuss this bottling line. With something this size, there SHOULD be tons of questions! We are here to get you answers. And we are more than happy to help load this bad boy up with you, if you want to pick it up personally, or we are pretty good at bulletproof packaging up stuff for transport if you would like this shipped to you.

In active service until this last week. Everything working as it should. We pulled this bottling line out to make room for a bunch of additional brewery tanks that were needed desperately for our expansion. We’ve decided we need several more now as we are already brewing to capacity almost immediately.

Comes with the Load In bottle loading conveyor, the bottle washer, 24 head filler, then the crowner, the PE labeler, and finally the load out tray set up.

Please feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

Please see the pictures and videos…

We will be here to help, after the sale. We have a couple of guys here that can help you with any questions that you might have setting this up at your location.

Free local pickup & loading, or we will ship it to you…

Shipping costs would be actual freight costs. We have large skids that we will load this equipment onto get it ready to ship…

Any questions, just ask!

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