SPIKE BREWING 15 gal TRIO, 240v All Electric, Quick Disconnects, Will Ship to You

Listed: 05/31/2023

Price: $4,200

I am selling my 2.5-year-old 15 gal Trio system, it makes up to 12 gallons of beer at a time. The system comes with a Mash tun (false bottom, recirculation port, lid), HLT (Herms coil, recirculation port, dip tube, 5500 w heating element, lid), Boil Kettle w/ Steam condenser lid (5500 w heating element, dip tube, whirlpool port), Electric Brewing Control Panel, and 2 spike pumps. This has been an amazing system, and I have kept it in mint condition. No dings, no scratches. I will include a new view glass for the steam condenser lid. All hoses and electrical cables are included. You will need a 60″ min. wide surface for the brew house and a wort chiller. Only selling as a whole system. All Manuals included. The control panel will be shipped in original packaging. Willing to ship anywhere in the lower 48. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

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