NEW COOL25 1/2″ Non-Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (25 CFM)

Price: $1,185

Brand New, Never used Air Dryer, Shipped too late for use.

COOL 25 Refrigerated Air Dryer
Handles up to 25 CFM at 232 PSI maximum
1/2M” fittings are easy to connect
Operates so quietly you won’t know it’s running
Simple, Low Maintenance Technology
Compact equipment fits in minimum space
Efficiently removes water pollution from your network
Large Heat Exchangers
High thermal exchange cools effectively
Permits a lower refrigerant charger
Allows lower GWP (Global Warming Potentional)
Low Pressure Drop Design
Larger and improved flow circuits
Significantly increases high exchange efficiency
Dew Point Indicator
Pressure dewpoint of 50°F
Check air flow status at a glance
Environmentally Friendly
Uses R134a refrigerant that’s easy on the environment
Avoid corrosion, leakage and rust in pipes & tools
Extremely Fast & Easy To Install
Works with most compressor technology
Runs on standard 115 volt, single phase power
Zero Loss Automatic Drain
Dumps the accumulated water without wasting air
Simplifies maintenance & saves energy dollars


$ 1185+ Shipping which is what we paid from manufacturer – also can be picked up in Santa Barbara, CA for free instead of shipping.

Email: [email protected]r for more info or offers



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