Anton Paar SNAP 50 recalibrated

Listed: 03/15/2023

Price: $2,700

Used only once then recalibrated by Anton Paar – see image of Maintenance and Calibration Report. Product has not been used since recalibration so it’s in Like New condition. Anton Paar Snap 50 measures distillates in all strengths with an accuracy of 0.1 % v/v. The portable Snap 50 is so easy to operate that quality checks directly on-site, outside the laboratory are accomplished in next to no time – independent of the ambient temperature. Snap 50 is easy to carry, light and robust – and will interest small distilleries and also industrial producers: It speeds up and simplifies the dilution and check procedures in all distilleries. What distillers particularly like about the portable alcohol meter is that “you can measure distillates in all strengths with one instrument.” Snap 50 checks the alcohol content in two-component mixtures of water and ethanol throughout the whole production process: from pure distillates, samples taken during dilution to drinkable strength or ready-to-drink spirits. “One for all” is therefore the motto of this alcohol meter, which gives the user the required results only a few seconds after immersing the measuring tube in the distillate. Sample temperatures from 0 °C to 40 °C are measured by Snap 50 and the alcohol content is automatically calculated and displayed at the required reference temperature of 20 °C (or 60 °F). Feedback from the test installations confirms that “measurement is quick because the sample is measured directly out of the storage tank or cask and does not have to be transferred to a measuring glass first. And, you don’t have to wait long for the sample temperature to stabilize because the metal tube with the measuring cell remains in the distillate during the measurement.” The well-established oscillating U-tube principle is used to measure the density, which is the basis for the automatic calculation of the alcohol concentration. As Anton Paar is the world leader in digital density measurement, users can rely on the measuring accuracy of 0.1 % v/v. Not only distillers, but also industrial producers of spirits and producers of cooling agents are pleased that the effort required for alcohol checks is considerably reduced by Snap 50, as the results are shown on a large digital display and extra calculations are no longer required.

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