5BBL Mash Tun 250 Gallons Fermenter Brewing Tank Coffee Beer Liquor CBD Extraction

Price: $15,000

– 250 Gallons Brew Tank 5BBL Mash Tun Coffee / Liquor / Beer / CBD Extract complete system ready to ship or pick up. It has been tested and the controls come in 3 phase 208V 30amp. This vessel is insulated heavily, but not jacketed. It will maintain temperature, and brew cold brew coffee fully extracted in 9 hours.
-304 Stainless Steel Coffee vessel includes:
variable speed pump

-variable speed rake and motor

-vessel light

-2 stage filter with 400 micron false bottom
control box wired, tested, integrated. 
integrated fully plumbed CIP for easy cleaning

-top mainway glass door

-side way ground removal door

-all EPDM and Silicon gaskets

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