1200Gal. CIP Tank

Price: $10,000

1200 Gallon CIP Tank (NON-JACKETED) TANK SPECS: 6′ diameter single walled 5’10” sidewall 10gauge 304SS. 2B polish inside and out 9’8″ approximate working height approximate flooded volume 1275 gallons -6′ diameter conical top 12 gauge 2B polished 12″ rise -6′ diameter conical bottom 12 gauge 2B polished 12″ rise internal weld finish polished to sanitary finish exterior weld finish: oxidation removed and brightened on typical margin 20″ top round manway w/door 2″ TC outlet in apex of top 2″ TC located in lower sidewall front (2) 2.5″ TC located in sidewall 6″ TC overflow port in top sidewall 6″ TC Drain Outlet in center of conical bottom Internally mounted column style pump over screen: -9″ diameter x 48″ tall, perforated column with 3″ TC inlet and 4″ TC outlet 1/8″ perforated holes, staggered 12 gauge material (4) lifting lug ears top mounted (4) 42″ long stainless steel legs, 2″ SCH40 Spun polished with NO FOOTPADS (pipe end only)

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