4 Head Automated Custom Keg Washer

Listed: 09/11/2023

Price: $16,000

Ran out of room and need to sell our keg washer. Custom Made in 2016. Process times can be edited to fit cleaning routine and keg sizes. Can use to fill as well.

Pneumatic valves, 2 brand new 1.5hp pumps for caustic and sanitizer with a 20gal reservoir for each. Siemens Simatic HMI touch screen. Programmed in-house so we can help you fix or troubleshoot after purchase if needed. On casters.

Has second screen for running valves and pumps independently outside of cycle which helps for draining kegs and extra rinses!

Will palatalize and prepare for shipping and/or pick up.

Dimensions: 7′ tall, 7′ wide, 3.5′ deep

Price: $16,000

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