7 BBL Single Wall Fermenter/Mixing Tank

Price: $3,000

This fermenter was custom designed and fabricated in Colorado. I had a similar system in the 80’s-90’s and won plenty of ribbons with it. It’s a simple design based on natural filtering. Michael Jackson toured my brewery in 1990 with this same design, and he drank at least 5 large glasses of my flagship ale and he gave me a great review in one of hos books.

7 BBL SINGLE WALL FERMENTER OR MIXING TANK: 7 BBL working volume, and over 9 BBL of headroom. 304 polished stainless steel. Single wall fementer that can be used for fermentation in a room temperature conditioning room, of it can be used for racking with non filtered beers, or as a mixing tank, and can also be used to store extra water when knocking out your wort so you could recycle the water into a HLT. This has a unique conical bottom adjustable drain design which saves more beer per batch with less waste. It has casters so you can easily move the fermenter within the brewery.

Fermenter $3000.

Fermenter with scaffolding $3500




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