Brewha BIAC (brewed in a conical) 4-1 Brewing System

Listed: 08/23/2022

Price: $2,700

Brewha BIAC (brew in a conical) Jacketed Stainless Steel Conical Fermenter 4-1 System. The entire complete process of mashing, boiling, chilling and fermenting in this one vessel. This system can be use for either extract brewing or with the Mash Colander for all grain brews. You can either make 5 or 10 gallons of beer with a 16 gallon water capacity (10 gallon brews). This unit can handle up to 25# of grains in the Mash. This unit includes: Table Top Controller with heating element of 240v/19a (4500w). Electronic Temp. Controller (ETC) with vessel sensor (thermowell probe) and cable. Centrifugal Pump System (Marsh 815-SS-C) with braided silicone hoses, clamps & fittings.Two Hop Baskets. Mash Colander Basket (wedge wire false bottom). Wort Aeration Stone. Yeast Harvester. Fermenter to Keg Racking Hose. Fermenter Gas in Post. Mash Colander Lifting Cables. Water Pressure Regulator. Stainless Hose Float Pressure and Vacuum Safety Valve.  Plus… I will include two Corny Kegs. The conical had a jacketed insert for cooling of the wort by using hose tab water (down to 100 degrees) and then by either the chiller or glycol system down to pitching yeast temperature of 68 degrees or so. This unit comes with all the clamps, gaskets, hoses, hose barb fittings, high quality sanitary valves. Includes 3 100kg galvanized casters. This unit also comes with a LINDR 240V Chiller unit. Can be attached to the ETC unit to keep the fermenter at a desire temperature needed. I have owned this system for over 5 years now and made numerous great batches of beer. This system has simplified the brewing process and clean-up procedure. Hate to part with the brewing vessel, but the time has come so you can enjoy making fun homebrews. Check out for all additional information, instructions and pricing as needed.

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