3.5 BBL Brewhouse

Listed: 12/11/2023

Price: $20,000

3.5bbl Copper clad Brewhouse

-Steam jacked boil kettle with condensation stack.

-Insulated mash-tun with rakes.

-Single pump design with pneumatic valves and control panel

-Separate whirlpool vessel

-Sussman ES48 3 phase 240v/115a boiler with condensate re-claimer. 

Boil kettle is fitted with a bottom agitator, I assume it was intended to be used as an agitator for decoction mashing but we never used it for anything other then whirlpool. The boiler is pretty strong when doing a standard 3.5bbl boil. The vessels are capable of boiling around 5bbl of liquor but you will start to see extended start of boil times the more you push the boiler. Whirlpool tank has a fixed set of rakes with a reinforced and well constructed false bottom. The only quirk I’d like to mention is that control panel shows the system backwards to how it is actually set it. It still works perfectly fine.

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