30 Gal Electric Brewery

Price: $1,300

30 gallon electric brewery based on TheElectricBrewery.com. Has been used ~30 beer batches, sour mashes, ciders, meads, kombucha, cheese, soda, vinegar, etc. Sold as is.

·         30 gal Electric SS HLT, MT, & BK

·         Control box (5kw heaters, TCs, PIDs, etc.) 220V 40A

·         2X Chugger pumps

·         30 gal Oak Barrel

·         20lb CO2 tank with dual regulator

·         8X 5 gal pin-lock kegs

·         1X 15 gal sankey keg (own fairly, decommissioned from CB&Potts)

·         30 gal plastic conical

·         Oversized plate chiller

·         3 keg kegerator with temp control

·         Barley crusher grain mill

·         Bottle corker

·         Bottle capper

·         Oxygen wand aerator

·         Hoses, fittings, lids, gaskets, etc.

·         Cases of 22oz new bottles

·         Cases of random used bottles

·         Metal brewery signs

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