Brew Magic

Price: $4,300

Brew Magic V350MS with MagicSoft Technology for sale. Only a few years old. Comes with many extras.

·         Wort Chill Wizard by Sabco

·         Literature with all directions for brewing and chilling

·         Kegs

·         Cleaning Chemicals

·         Glass/Plastic Carboys

·         More

The Brew-Magic Pilot Brewery design is quite special. Repeatable small batch brewing is difficult because damages to the wort and grain happen easily when temperature controls, wort handling and brewer enthusiasm can produce subtle variables with each brewing session.

·         Pro-level pilot system for recipe development

·         Brewing Capacity: 5-14 gallons per batch

·         Heavy-duty stainless, 15.5 gallon kettles with handles

·         Stainless, 1/2 in. Pharmaceutical quality Tri-Clamp Connectors

·         Commercial duty, powder coat, baked enamel frame

·         Frame Casters: Heavy duty swivel, two of the four are locking type (4.5″ T)

·         For use with your choice of either Natural Gas (NG) or Propane (LP)

·         Vision 350 Touchscreen controller, 3-1/2 in. screen, 256 color, QVGA , Industrial type

·         Software: Magic-Soft� (Patent Pending) programming

With listed equipment this is a value of $9000……Asking price $4300.

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