Nitro AfterBurner

Listed: 07/19/2023

Price: $150

Supercharge you Nitro Beverages – Extend the cascade on your nitro pours by adding the Enhanced Beverages Nitro AfterBurner to your draft system. The AfterBurner is not a nitro infuser, but a “blender”. It’s job is to re-mix the existing gas into your beverage at the tap (or just prior to the tap). This is hugely beneficial in long-draw draft systems.

The Nitro AfterBurner is not a standalone product and is not meant to be used in place of the nitro infuser, rather it is designed to be used in tandem with the nitro infuser to invigorate and extend the cascade effect of your nitro pours. No nitrogen is added to the beverage within the AfterBurner, it just provides one last “burst” prior to dispensing as the beverage passes through its two vortex chambers. A “must have” for nitro coffee producers.

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