Dual Nitro Infuser

Listed: 07/19/2023

Price: $395

The Dual Nitro Infuser from Enhanced Beverages gives you the power to serve 2 different types or flavors of nitro coffee, tea or other beverages at the same time! Whether you are serving your cold brew coffee from a commercial sanke D style keg, or a homebrew corny keg, this revolutionary Nitro Infuser module allow you to take a flat keg of cold brew coffee and instantly nitrogenate it on the fly. The Nitro Infuser uses patent pending technology which mixes the cold brew coffee with high pressure nitrogen in a series of chambers just before existing the faucet, giving your nitro coffee the optimal frothiness and head. With this system you no longer need to worry about pre-charging and infusing kegs with nitrogen prior to serving a rich, frothy nitro coffees.  Simply attach your flat cold brew coffee keg to the inline nitro infuser system and you are ready to turn flat cold brew coffee into nitro coffee instantly!

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