Robino & Galandrino Vittoria T 1/1 Junior W/ Arol Gemini F/ MEP P45 Corker/Capping Unit and Wire Hooding Machine

Price: $16,250

•Manufacturer: Robino & Galandrino •Model/Part#: Vittoria T 1/1 Junior •Condition: Used •Year: 2011 •Scheme: VIL238 •Voltage: 208 •Hertz: 50 •ICC: 20A •In: 10A •Manufacturer Description: •Automatic single head monobloc machines for the corking and the wire hooding of the champagne bottles, for production speeds from 1.500 b/h up to 3.000 b/h. •Very practical and compact machines , suitable to accomplish both the functions on a single base, decreasing space and acoustic noise. •Machines complete with single head corking turret, single head wire hooding turret provided with automatic picking up system and wire hood dispenser, electronic controls for the machine starting and stoppage depending on the flow of bottles prior or after it. •All the machine functions are controlled by PLC and Inverter located into the centralized electrical panel. •Machine frame covered in stainless steel material provided with noise-proofing material doors and safety guards complying to the CE rules. •Notes: This unit is in great condition, pulled from working service and includes both maintenance manual and keys.  As noted in photos, there is some damage to one Plexi-glass panel as well as a bottom door. NIS-18463      ZJL1012

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