Complete 3bbl brewery setup

Listed: 04/27/2023

Price: $60,000

System it currently pending. Complete 3bbl brewery set up. 4 3bbl uni tanks, boil kettle, mash tun, hot liquor tank, chiller for up to 8 3bbl uni tanks. Cellar controller for uni tanks. Brewhouse is all electric with touch screen control panel and network connection for remote operation/monitoring.  Everything needed to start production is included. A carb stone will need to be purchased to carb beer. We did not use one. We cask conditioned all our beer. Brewhouse requires a 125A single phase 230v service. Cellar controls run off the main control panel. Chiller needs a 60A single phase 230v service. It is 3 HP chillstar with a 22 gallon insulated polly tank.  I believe I also have 20 gallons of unmixed glycol too to go with it. It also has a cold weather package, we see minus temps here. I have all the manuals that came with the system. Portable transfer/CIP pump on cart. All tri clamp clamps and gaskets needed and extras. Inline hop strainer with 3 different screens for plate chiller. Plate chiller has glycol ports for added efficiency in hot climates/months. Whirlpool/ transfer pump, 2 parasitic pumps for sparge. Upgraded false bottom for MT. SS HERMS coil in HLT. HLT is 185 gallons. Flow meter for mash tun or whatever else you want to use it for. 1″ and 1.5″ transfer hoses. 1.5″ hoses are less than a year old. All fittings are 1.5″ tri clamp. The 4 uni tanks are jacketed and have top manways. 2 different steam vents for the BK. One has a condensation drain and the other does not.  BK and MT passivated before the system was taken down. Inline oxy stone. Extra ss “T” fittings and sight glasses. 9 gallon SS wort grant/hop back. Extra gaskets for all butterfly valves. Forklift is a 5000lb datsun. Weighs 9000lbs I believe. HLT has 4 6000w elements as well as the BK. Touchscreen control panel controls the elements and pumps. HLT has a timer option so you can set the temp the night before that way it is up to temp for brew day. Saves a lot of time. We would prep the system the night before. 3 roller grain mill on a cabinet to help control grain dust. Mill will accept an auger.  Mill has an explosion proof motor. 20lb/minute with 50lb hopper. I might be missing a few things, but that is most of it. Many extras that have been acquired over the last 4 years. System was very well maintained and is only 4 years old. 26′ box truck will move all the equipment, but the forklift. A pallet jack will be needed to maneuver the equipment in the truck. I do not have one.  All equipment is on pallets currently and ready to go. Buyer is responsible for moving equipment.  57k  if you do not want the fork lift.

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