SS brewtech electric HERMS

Price: $2,500

5 gallon batch,  SS Brewtech electric HERMS brewing system. 3-10 gallon kettles: HLT, Mash tun, boil kettle. HLT and boil kettle both have 5500watt elements. Mash tun has sight glass, false bottom, and recirculation manifold. Boil kettle is outfitted with a steam slayer steam condenser(brew inside without steam and no exhaust hood needed) and whirlpool port. 2 topsflo pumps. 30amp Auber cube controller. Plate chiller. 7 gallon ss brewtech chronical fermenter. Stainless steel table. Camlock quick connect fittings. All silicone tubing with camlocks included. 2-7 gallon wide mouth PET carboy, 2-3 gallon wide mouth PET carboy. Miscellaneous items. Makes great consistent beer. Upgrading to a larger system. $2500.

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