New 15bbl Unitank

Listed: 05/17/2023

Price: $8,900

New 15bbl Unitank in excellent condition!! Located at Fanatic Brewery in Knoxville, Tn. In ready to use condition!! 15bbl has a good JACKET!! No issues!! Put it in your operation ASAP!! Fanatic Brewery has tested and brewed with Unitank!!  Tank made by Sungood/Gavin!! Quality made Unitank by Sungood!! Also have 10bbl tank made by Sungood in excellent condition for sale… TEXT PLEASE..

15bbl Jacket Unitank
1 6″TC Dry hop port with cap
I CIP Ball/arm
I Blow Off
I Pressure Gauge
1 Extra Manway Gasket
1 Sample Valve
1 Temp Probe
1 Carb Stone assembly
1 Racking arm
4 Butterfly valves
& Level tube with ball valves

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